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Madeleine Mendez

Madeleine Mendez

Director Of Operations

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Madeleine Mendez is the Director of Operations for Luxe Living Realty, where she has overseen every painstaking detail involved in the construction of the super luxury state-of-the-art Property Lounges at both locations, Lincoln Road and South of Fifth Street. She handles all aspects of the administration and management of both lounges, from inventories and staff to the technology side of its operations. Madeleine is the Team Manager for all Luxe Living Agents where she manages all transactions, and employee files, deals with troubleshooting, interfacing with closing agents until they bring the sale home.
Madeleine started her career working at Adams Systems SE, a professional records management & storage company, where at the time the cutting-edge technology of converting paper document files to microfilm was the convenient manner in which to store a vast amount of information into minimal storage facilities, specializing in large hospital operations. She served as Director of Operations and liaison with the hospitals, managing all aspects of the business. During her 12-year tenure with the Company, she brought in over $18 Million in new business.
Once the company relocated out of state, she came to South Beach and worked closely with David Wallack of Mango’s Tropical Café on Ocean Drive in the heart of South Beach, where she directed a project to convert the second story of the Café into an Art Gallery and Event Venues. After successfully receiving the City’s approval on the project, she then went on to launch Power Studios in the Design District with Wallack & Ross Power of Power Studios.
Madeleine also ran the family office of Jeffrey Himmel for the Himmel Group, which alongside his father rebranded the GOLD BOND name. It was very successful and was eventually sold for over $40 Million. While working with Jeffrey Himmel and his branding business, Madeleine took on the challenge of simultaneously opening a retail store on Miracle Mile with Mrs. Himmel from the ground up, which eventually proved to be very successful. She oversaw the entire renovation of the space. Once that was complete, then went to work on stocking the store, merchandising, hiring, and opening the doors.
Thereafter, Madeleine worked directly with Philanthropist and Entrepreneur, Ella Fontanal-Cisneros whose Latin American art collection expands to over 3,000 works of Art. Madeleine worked side-by-side with the high-net-worth Mrs. Fontanal-Cisnero organizing events for Cifo, Art Basel as well as Art Shows across Latin America.
Racing down the speedway, she went to work with an Indy race car driver from Latina America, managing all aspects of his racing career as well as his investment properties, including the sale of a $12.7 Million property on the Venetian Islands.
Madeleine comes to Luxe Living Realty with an Associate in Arts in English from Miami-Dade Community College. This coupled with 25 years of the most tedious life experience a woman can carry with her, as she is a single mom to two amazing young ladies who are pursuing ambitious careers of their own.

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